About The Hosts

The hosts of the podcast are Ian and Nikki a couple living in sunny Kendal. They are the hosts of the podcast House of Geek which they have been hosting for a few years and felt that a podcast about the Lakes International Comic Art Festival would be ideal. An article featured in the local newspaper can be found here.

Ian is a nerd in all the right ways loving 2000AD and Batman as a teenager. He also enjoys war gaming and board games as well as all the usual movies you’d expect.

Nikki is a book worm and loves reading. In particular she enjoys murder mysteries. She enjoys drawing comic art herself which you can see at her website Nikki Draws.


Nikki and Ian. Drawn by Nikki

The show has theee contributors. Chris (@leetabix) is a red-shirt and looks after the Clock Tower at the festival and will be discussing his role each episode. Mike (@cthulhupunk) is an all out comic geek who will be talking about his favourite comics each episode.

The logo and the header have kindly been created for the show by Pete Taylor. His work can be found at ThisManThisPete.com. He will be our third contributor to the show.

Hear more about the hosts and contributors in Episode Zero One.

Hear all about the festival itself including an interview with the director Julie Tate as well as Kendal Town in Episode Zero Two.