The Cosplayas

We are planning an audio comedy drama for 2019 and we have created a small introduction to work out characters and so forth.

This has come from Ian doing a comedy writing course which gave him the confidence to start writing. One comic in the folder waiting for Nikki to draw and another in planning stages which is where this project has come from. I have the idea of The Cosplayas and want to do this drama and a comic down the line too.

Anyway have a listen to this 3 minute segment and then please feed it back to us your thoughts (good or constructive improvements please). Thank you.


Episode 41- Lizzie Kaye on Unbound

We have a special guest interviewer on episode 41 as John Freeman chats to Lizzie Kaye about the publisher Unbound and her career in the comics industry. We review Barking by Lucy Sullivan, Death or Glory by Rick Remender & Bengal and One in Four Naming the Beast by Francesco Mafrici. We also give our thoughts on the new She Ra Netflix TV series and Mary and the Witches Flower.

Pete looks at the life of the marvellous Stan Lee and Mike discusses some of his purchases from the years festival.

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