Find out answers to our frequently asked questions:

Will you review my comic?

We are happy to have a look but don’t promise anything due to the amount of comics we receive. We don’t review as such but will discuss what we’ve enjoyed reading. Please contact us via the contact page.

So is the podcasts all about the Lakes International Comic Art Festival then?

No not at all. We created this podcast for the festival after loving the event since launch. It’s all about comics so we review books, look at comic news and interview creators. Of course being linked to the festival does have its benefits in the fact we have access to a wide range of creators to interview. See the full list of interviews on our episodes page. We will also update you on any updates to the festival too.

Guess your paid then to create the podcast?

Nope… not a penny. We volunteer to do this through our love of the event and the organisers. Our only monetary benefit is tickets to the festival in October.

Ive got a kickstarter / event / con I would like to promote would you help?

Yeah sure send us an email … happy to promote comics in any way we can.

How do I get involved with the festival?

Go to the Comic Art Festival website. All the info is on there.

How can I support you?

There are multiple ways you can support us. First please review the show on any podcast service you use. If you shop on Amazon use our affiliate link and we will get a small financial kickback when you shop.

If I see you at an event should I come & say hello?

Too bloody right come & say hi. If we’re recording & you have a comic you want to show off we will happily chat to you.