Episode 96- Lyndon White on Candles

On episode 96 we chat to comic creator Lyndon White. Lyndon has been creating comics for over 8 years and has produced a huge range of comics and graphic novels including Sparks, The Mind of James Svengal and his latest book Candles. Candles, a fantasy epic about a young girl trying to save her dying village by stealing magic from an evil witch. Lyndon also discusses his comic degree and has some great advice for creators starting out in the comic world. You can find his book which is published by Cast Iron Books on kickstarter now. Also enjoy as Ian surprises both Nikki & Lyndon with a quick Ghibli quiz. Who will take the Ghibli Fan Crown?

Pete and Mike are off this week however Pete has a kickstarter for a new project currently up and running. Back in the day, the determined funny book fan spent weekends and Summer holidays searching the shelves of every newsagent, paper shop and drug store for the fantastic thrill of discovering a full colour floppy bundle of joy that was a comic book. But occasionally, if you were lucky, you would hit the jackpot and find a sealed pack of childhood gold that was the comic pack. Not one, not two but three sensational stories for a bargain price, bagged and protected from the pawing of other collector’s clammy mitts. Check it out on Kickstarter here.

We also talk about the new full programme thats been announced for the Lakes 2021. Find out all about the events here.

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