Podcast Episodes

Episode 77- Warhammer Special with Dan Abnett

Episode 76- Julie Tate (LICAF director)

Episode 75- Laurence Campbell

Episode 74- Rees Finlay

Episode 73- Steve MacManus

Episode 72- Dan Butcher

Episode 71- Alex Paknadel & Mayamada

Episode 70- Ben Cullis and Adam Falp

Episode Sixty Nine- Katriona Chapman and Gustavo Vargas

Episode Sixty Eight- Tony Esmond and Sarah Harris

Episode Sixty Seven- My Own Private Hell

Episode Sixty Six- Favourite Comics of 2019

Episode Sixty Five- Thought Bubble 2019 

Episode Sixty Four: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival- The Round Up

Episode Sixty Three: Garth Ennis

Episode Sixty Two: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2019- The Interviews

Episode Sixty One: Corinne Pearlman (Myriad Publications)

Episode Sixty: Kate Charlesworth

Episode Fifty Nine: Rob Davis

Episode Fifty Eight: Lucy Sullivan

Episode Fifty Seven: MCM Manchester

Episode Fifty Six: Emma Vieceli Returns

Episode Fifty Five: Macc Pow 2019

Episode Fifty Four: Junko Mizuno

Episode Fifty Three: Simon Spurrier

Episode Fifty Two: Oldham Comic Con 3

Episode Fifty One: Brad Brooks and Avengers Endgame Review

Episode Fifty: Hannah Berry on being the U.K. Comic Laureate

Episode Forty Nine: Rob Williams

Episode Forty Eight: Tim Pilcher

Episode Forty Seven: Dave Cook on Killtopia

Episode Forty Six: Charlie Adlard on being the Comic Laureate

Episode Forty Five: Nick Prolix

Episode Forty Four: Ian Williams on Graphic Medicine

Episode Forty Three: Favourite Comics of 2018

Episode Forty Two: Aaron Rackley from Little Heroes Comics

Episode Forty One: Lizzie Kaye on Unbound

Episode Forty: More from the 2018 festival

Episode Thirty Nine: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2018

Episode Thirty Eight: Best Comic Book Movie… Ever Panel

Episode Thirty Seven: Clockwork Watch Returns & Marvel vs DC

Episode Thirty Six: The Dan Dare Audio Adventures & The Greatest Comic Book Movie… Ever

Episode Thirty Five: John Harris Dunning & Michael Kennedy (Tumult)

Episode Thirty Four: Joe Kelly

Episode Thirty Three: Robbie Morrison

Episode Thirty Two: Ian Rankin

Episode Thirty One: Macc Pow 2018

Episode Thirty: Matt Garvey

Episode Twenty Nine: Zoom Rockman

Episode Twenty Eight: Oldham Comic Con 2018

Episode Twenty Seven: Cinebook with Jerome Saintcantin

Episode Twenty Six: My Favourite Manga

Episode Twenty Five: Carlisle Comic Con 2018

Episode Twenty Four: An Englishman in San Diego & Toronto Comic Con

Episode Twenty Three: Rachael Smith

Episode Twenty Two: The Awesome Comics Podcast

Episode Twenty One: How to Make a Comic with Pete Taylor

Episode Twenty: Scarlett & Sophie Rickard (Gluepot Books)

Episode Nineteen: Tillie Walden

Episode Eighteen: The Etherington Brothers

Episode Seventeen: Clockwork Watch

Episode Sixteen: Meet the Mighty One: A Celebration of 2000AD

Episode Fifteen: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017

Episode Fourteen: Pre Festival 2017 Ramble with the entire podcast team

Episode Thirteen: Paula Knight plus Jonathan Edwards & Louise Evans (Felt Mistress)

Episode Twelve: Stephen Holland from Page45

Episode Eleven: Gareth Brookes

Episode Ten: Blues Harvest

Episode Nine: Hannah Berry

Episode Eight: Pat Mills

Episode Seven: Darryl Cunningham

Episode Six: Joe Decie

Episode Five: John Freeman

Episode Four: Marc Jackson