Comichaus Club

Thanks for having a gander at the new Comichaus Comic Club that we hope will help people through the hard times the world is facing right now. Why Comichaus? Well it’s extremely cheap for everyone to be involved with plus deserves our support as well.

Comichaus Logo

So how will this work?

Every week we will choose a comic from the Comichaus app for us all to read. During the week give feedback on the comic to everyone good points and bad but it must be constructive.

Use the hashtag #ComichausClub when discussing on twitter or join in the chat on the Awesome Comics Facebook group

Finally if your taking part you MUST leave a review on a Comichaus of that comic to help the creator.

If you can’t yet subscribed to Comichaus give it a try for free for 14 days by going too and then get an extra month free using the code ‘STAYSAFE’.

The comics discussed are:

Sunday 29th March: Bruce by David Cooper

A sharks hunts for prey off the coast of a New England beach town. Can he satisfy his hunger? Or is this game too deadly?


Sunday 22nd March: Turkey Grove Farms by William Bienz and JC Grande.

Something is amuck at Turkey Grove Farms. Jasper’s dad, the famous face of the farm’s commercials, hasn’t been seen since before Thanksgiving. Why is Jasper telling anyone who will listen of a great turkey uprising? Has Jasper gone crazy or is this another publicity stunt? One thing for is certain, business is booming and the turkey has never been more delicious. Everything evolves, why not turkeys?