Episode 17- Clockwork Watch

Its time for another episode of the podcast and in this episode we interview the guys behind the Clockwork Watch series of comics. We feature a chat with Yoms and Corey Brotherson as we talk about creating a universe and how to really drive sales behind the table. We have a little bit of a bad reception so please ignore the blips. We review The Girl and the Glim, Ellerbisms and Becoming Unbecoming as well as looking at the new Netflix of comics Comichaus.

Mike has a feature on Cow boys In Space and Pete continues his look at Jack Kirby. We also start our pop culture section and talk about the new Avengers trailer,  Stranger Things 2, Paddington 2 and the game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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Books reviewed this episode:

The Girl and the Glim by India Swift and Michael Doig
Ellerbisms by Marc Ellerby
Becoming Unbecoming by Una

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Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Review

We have a lot of great books to talk about but we can’t fit them all in the podcast so occasionally we will do a review on the website. Please give us any feedback you have.

I started reading Ghost Stories of an Antiquary volume 1 and initially found it hard to get into. The book contains stories based on M.R James work who is often referred too as the master of the English ghost story. The Stories seemed hard to read and i found myself comparing it to horror films and couldn’t find any comparison what so ever. Not one for giving up I went to investigate who M. R James was. His first book of ghost Stories was published in 1904 and his idea of creating a good ghost story must put the reader into the position of saying to him self ‘if I’m not very careful, something of this kind may happen to me!’

After reading about his life and his aims and goals and then considering the time when this was written I went back to the book, cleared my mind of modern horror stories and let myself drift back 100 years ago to a different time.

This changed the whole dynamic of the book. I could see how these stories would be scary to the everyday person taking often basic objects and ideas and adding that scary twist which would make any think twice, especially in an old house crawling around them as they sat and read out the story.

The art is perfect with different artists taking on different stories. It’s very gothic and feels timely for the stories in question. It’s well worth a read but open your mind first and you will get a lot from it. Now… onto volume 2.

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary vol 1 is published by SelfMadeHero and was released in October 2016. The book is written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with artwork from Aneke, Kit Buss, Fouad Mezher, Alister Wood and Francesco Francavilla