Episode 92- Hannah Berry on being Comic Laureate (2019- 2021)

On this episode we have the lovely Hannah Berry return to talk about her period as the UK Comic Laureate which as we chat had just come to an end. We discuss Hannah’s initial plans, how she ran with the role over covid and discuss her UK Comics Research Report which she gathered data from through a survey during the initial lock down period. The report can be found in full here.

Ian and Nikki talk all about the festival and the gusts that have been announced and exclusively announce two more on the show! Mike and Pete return with part 4 of their Yakapedia series and Tom reviews Blat! by Matt Greaves.

Exclusively announced guests on this episode include:

Jack Teagle

Jack is a freelance illustrator based in South West England who’s worked in a large variety of fields, including editorial, character design, storyboarding, poster/ product/ textile design, and worked as a cartoonist for Front magazine from 2010 to 2014. He also wrote tutorials and worked as a columnist for Digital Artist Magazine and other clients include The Economist, The Point Magazine, VW and many more.

A prolific self-publisher, with his comics translated into Polish, and Russian, Jack paints in his free time, and has exhibited his work worldwide.

Steve Yeowell

Steve Yeowell’s first professional work was with Grant Morrison on licensed toy series “Zoids” in the pages of Marvel UK weekly “Spider Man And Zoids”, before moving on to draw 2000AD’s superhero character “Zenith”. For DC Comics he has pencilled “Sebastian O”, “The Invisibles”, “Starman”, “Legends Of The Dark Knight”, and “The Atom”. For Marvel Comics he pencilled “Skrull KIll Krew” and at 2000AD he has also drawn “Judge Dredd”, “DeMarco PI”, the long running Harryhausan-esque pirate adventure “The Red Seas”, dark ages lycanthrope fantasy “Black Shuck” and “Sinister Dexter”. He lives in north west England.

Also announced are American comic creator Greg Rucka, American comic artist Michael Lark, writer Chris Condon (That Texas Blood), Rachael Smith (Doctor Who, Quarantine Comix), and Guardian cartoonists Martin Rowson, Nicola Jennings and Lou McKeever (aka BluLou). Unfortunately after recording Canadian comics writer and artist Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Snow Angels) had to cancel his physical appearance at the Festival, due to upcoming filming commitments in the autumn, but will hopefully still be at the Festival virtually – and is lined up as the first guest for the 2022 event

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