Episode 90- Bobby Joseph

As we celebrate 4 years of the podcast we chat to Scotland Yardie creator Bobby Joseph. Bobbys early work includes the creation of Skank magazine which his creation Scotland Yardie originates from. Bobby chats about his history and how it got into creating comics as well as the future of Scotland Yardie.

Tom reviews Bubbles Fanzine, a zine about comics and manga. Mike and Pete continue Yakapedia. There plan as custodians of the mighty tomb of the Comic Yakapedia is to review, amend and correct its many thousands of entries to ensure it remains to definitive library of comic trivia and nonsense. 

We have a show sponsor. Buy Small Press Online is the brand new comics marketplace! Looking for a place to purchase the latest in what small press has to offer? Or are you a creator looking to build an online store? Then this site is just right for you. Head over to buysmallpress.com and start exploring today. (apologies for the poor sound on Ian and Nikkis part. Issues with mics this episode).

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