Testing times

Hello and thank you for reading this. Ian here with a podcast update as you may of noticed there isn’t an episode out (which should of been on the 1st). The podcast has been a joy to create and produce and we have a great team keeping the content coming for your ears. Mike, Pete, Tom and of course Nikki all work hard and I am so thankful for their support.

Covid and the mental issues it’s caused has slightly hit me. My role is to put the show together and also organise a creator interview every episode but my mind hasn’t been in the right place in order to setup and have interesting interviews with creators. I don’t feel I can give the right mindset to a creator which they deserve and so content hasn’t been produced. It will come and we will kick back into action but there may be a delay in episodes until my headspace is all there.

This all sounds so serious when I reread it but it isn’t that bad. It’s hard to explain but ready assured we will soon be back on the podcast treadmill with consultant episodes and amazing creators.

Please do let us know who you’d like us to interview next year and we will see what we can do.

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