Episode 74- Rees Finlay

On this episode we chat to Reaffirmation creator Rees Finlay. Rees was diagnosed with autism in his early twenties. We chat to him about how this afffected him and how it was the create the book Reaffirmation. We also deleve into how hes dealing with the lock down via his twitter feed as well as his other work which got him into creating comics.

We review Bluebeard (to be released on May 5th 2020) by Metaphrog and Dunce: Brego Early Dog Years by Jens K Styve which is soon to be on kickstarter. Tom also reviews Ellerbisms by Marc Ellerby. Ian and Nikki looked at this a few years back and loved it so we hope you enjoy Toms thoughts on the book as well.

Pete and Mike share another extended length Ramshakle Lockdown Mutterdowns as they face off comic types with two topics. Horror vs Non Fiction comics and Post-Apocalyptic vs TV Adapatations. Get ready for a good old chat.

LINKS:  Nick Prolix NHS Images#QuarantineComix / Little Heroes charity / Boys Adventure Comics / #Creators4Comics

There’s an important message right at the end of the podcast and if your struggling at all please know we are here to chat too or UK based listeners can check out helplines here.

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Images of some of the NHS frontline workers who have sadly lost their lives to Coronavirus. They must not be forgotten. Created by Nick Prolix.

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