Episode 74 – Show notes

Ace Cyberpunk Comics Auteur Gusaffo Vargas sent the following info on Selva Misteriosa  (Mysterious Jungle) by Javier Flores del Águila, thanks Gustaffo!

This is Selva Misteriosa, Mysterious Jungle by Javier Flores del Águila, it was published by the biggest Peruvian Newspaper El Comercio as a daily comic strip, from 1971 till 1974. The cartoonist would draw his pages in between the time he’d made while he was studying medicine, he’s a neurologist now.
The strip was cancelled after the military Coupe by General Velasco and never saw print, it was one of the greatest Peruvian comics ever made that people would speak about but that nobody saw again.
2 years ago it was collected in this beautiful book, the art is breathtaking. There were some original pages that got lost and the author willingly to help redrew those missing pages from the newspaper clips.

Here are some some pics and the lambiek link.

Check out Gustaffo’s comics at:

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