Episode 73- Steve MacManus

On this housebound recorded episode we chat to The Mighty One himself, ex-2000AD editor Steve MacManus. Steve’s comic career spans from 1973 to 2011, in particular he spent from 1979 to 1986 as editor of 2000AD. This era is classed as the golden era of the comic and Steve explains why he felt this was plus he discusses all aspects of his career. You can read more about his career and working for 2000AD in his book The Mighty One.

Tom reviews Wild Lives by Claire Hubbard. Mike and Pete have part one of their ‘Comic Genre World Cup’ in what they’re calling a Lockdown Mutterdown. Ian and Nikki discuss the Comichaus Comic Book Club, Atomic Hercules by Tony Esmond and Adam Falp and Mikel by Mark Bellido and Judith Vanistendael.

Find loads of free comics, links found on ComicScene.

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