Episode 55- Macc Pow 2019

On Saturday 22nd June 2019 we nipped off for a day at Marc Jacksons Macc Pow comic con. This was the 2nd time we went to this small con and we had a wonderful time behind the table. In this episode you will hear our thoughts on the event, interviews with Tony Esmond and Rachel Smith as well as one of the panels from the event. The panel was titled Self Publishing with Sultana hosted by Leonard Sultana who chatted to David Leach, Hannah Berry and Rachael Smith on self publishing and the comic scene.

Pete chats too Raechel Leigh Carter and Vince Hunt about the upcoming Bam comic & zine fair whilst Mike completes his three part look at D&D and comics. Tom reviews Sararara by Olivia Hicks and we review Kingdom by Jon McNaught and Maggy Garrisson by Lewis Trondheim and Stephane Oiry.

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