Episode 48- Tim Pilcher on the Breakthrough Project

On this episode we have Tim Pilcher on to talk all about the Break Through project that he is running with the Lakes International Comic Art Festival through 2019 and into 2020 resulting in the opportunity for new creators to have work published in an anthology. Check out more about the project here.

Ian and Nikki review Guantanamo Kid by Jerome Tubiana and Alkexadre Franc plus Sparks and the Fallen Star by Lyndon White. We also look at a huge range of kickstarters currently running. Links below for these. Finally we have some festival news and podcast news about a new contributor. Tom from That Comic Smell podcast will be joining the team and looking at small press comics in future episodes.

Mike and Pete continue there discussion on Sword vs Sorcery in comics which we had to cut in half it was so long. Part 3 of this discussion will be on the next episode.

Kickstarters to check out: How to Think When You Draw 2 / Dunce #5 / Killtopia #2 / Frank At Home on the Farm / Little Heroes Anthology #3 / War of the Worlds

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Check out That Comic Smell podcast & The Awesome Comic podcast for more comic chat.

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