Episode 39- The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2018

Here we are again reporting on the big comic event of the year. The festival has not long finished and we chat about how the show was for us, what we enjoyed and what we saw. We discuss the opening night which saw Hannah Berry crowned the next Comics Laureate taking over from Charlie Adlard and Hunt Emmerson winning the Sergio Aragones International Award for Excellence in Comic Art 2018 as well as all the happenings of the weekend. We also review the stunning Traces of the Great War which was co-commissioned by the festival.

Pete and his daughter Daisy talk about their festival and how it was selling behind the table this year and Mike also has a report on his time at the lakes as well.

We have loads of interviews as well including chats with Steve Gregson & Matt Simmons  (Bastard Galaxia), Corey Brotherson (Magic of Myths), Dave Cook (Killtopia), Jens K Styve (Dunce), Robert Brown, Martin ‘Simo’ Simpson (The Needleman), Simon Richardson (The Unity Wall), Lyndon White (Candles), Myfanwy Tristram (Draw The Line), Tom Nash (Tut and Groan) and Owen Michael Johnson (Reel Love).

These weren’t all we got and we will have more next episode including chats with John Wagner, Una, Ben Dickson and Guy Delisle plus some panel recordings too.

Don’t forget to check out Nikkis comic Anxiety Me & Pete’s Monster Kids now on the Comichaus app too.

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