Episode 34- Joe Kelly

One of the creators of Ben 10 and the writer of the magnificent I Kill Giants, Joe Kelly is the guest on this episode of the show. Joe will be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival this year and we got him on to talk about his career, where it began and how he found spending 3 years on Deadpool and 5 years on Superman. We discuss the creation of Ben 10 and how he found it was to write a script from the comic I Kill Giants for the movie adaptation. Also discussed is the Trace of a Great War anthology which will be out in October at the festival. He is creating a story with the I Kill Giants artists Ken Niimura.

We review A New Jerusalem by Benjamin Dickson and Gallant and Amos issue one by Rob Barnes. Pete has an interview with creator Russell Mark Olsen on his favourite creators and what he’s working on. This is Pete’s first interview like this and the sounds a little off but its well worth listening too so please ignore any sound issues. He hopes to do more of these in future episodes. Mike discusses comics and modern warfare and looks at the comics available that cover this.

Finally we look at the exhibitions that will be on at this years festival in Kendal. Tickets are flying to grab your passes as soon as possible.

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