Grave of the Fireflies

My Neighbour returns with the hardest Ghibli movie yet. We’ve put off doing this episode as the film is so so hard to watch. We watch Grave of the Fireflies. Let us know how you felt when watching it for shout outs next episode.

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2 thoughts on “Grave of the Fireflies

  1. Grave of the Fireflies is a tough one to get through, but also a beautiful and important film. I’ll be watching it in the big screen this summer when Fathom Events and GKids (current US distributor of most of Studio Ghibli’s DVDs and BluRays) show it as part of GhibliFest.

    I know you have My Neighbor Totoro coming up. Nikki may want to arm herself for the discussion by reading an essay from Bright Wall, Dark Room about how Totoro is a different kind of storytelling. (

    I look forward to your future podcasts.


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