Episode 29- Zoom Rockman


Zoom Rockman is a young creator who started producing comics from a young age, He appeared in the Beano at age 12 and in Private Eye at 16. We have a chat with Zoom about how he started, why at a young age he’s creating satirical comics and what the future holds. He also talks about his role as a patron of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and what he has lined up for this year.

We also go review crazy as we all review a load of comics as well as Deadpool 2. The comics reviewed are listed below. Nikki also talks about the latest on her comic, Anxiety Me which is now available from www.NikkiDraws.pictures.

Download the podcast (right click and save)

Comics reviewed are Apollo, Awesome Comic No.2, Little Girl Black, Stranglehood, Copperopolis 1-3, Debris, Bubba Ho-Tep, Slang Pictorial, Death or Glory, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Aliens: Dead Orbit, Southern Bastards & Big Hard Sex Criminals.

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