Episode 23- Rachael Smith


It’s our birthday. We’ve been running for a full year now and what an awesome year it’s been. Thank you to everyone that has supported us.

Rachael Smith is interviewed on this episode. The creator of the Rabbit and the biographical comic Wired Up Wrong, Rachael has shown how creating an honest factual book can generate HUGE support as well as helping people along the way. The power of comics is a wonderful thing. Rachael discusses these things as well as her early years.

We review the latest Marvel movie Black Panther which we have differing opinions on. We also review the book Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea which sees Guy Delisle tell his story of working in the country. Shocking and odd are two of the many things you feel after reading this book.

Mike takes about an odd comic this week and has chosen this series due to International Woman’s Day coming up. The title of the series is Bitch Planet… I’ll let Mike explain the link. Pete continues his look at Kirby with part 4 of the series. He covers Jacks life between 1947 and 1954.

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Most of us presenters did this show with sniffles so Pete sent us this…

Books reviewed this episode:

Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea by Guy Delisle

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