Midlife Tattoos

As we discussed in episode one Nikki and I decided to go and get tattoos. Now this could be seen as a midlife crises and to be honest it probably is but we did it and are now proud tattooed nerds. We went into the Voodoo Lounge here in sunny Kendal with Nikki having hers done first. Her choice was Totoro from the Ghibli films which she has had a life long love of. As the tattoo began upon her leg she looked at me wincing and pulling faces. You see I’m a bit of a wimp and fear needles so the thought of multiple needles cutting into me for multiple hours could of sent me running. It didn’t however. After an hour Nikki’s was done and it looked awesome.

I opted to have a Dredd tattoo. Originally I wanted Mean Machine however the image I wanted would of taken too long for my mind to accept the pain…. yes I’m soft. I decided to choose the new picture of Dredd designed by David Aja for the 40th anniversary edition of 2000AD. I didn’t consider the amount of black in the picture and when the template was placed on my arm it looked like a horrific experiment gone wrong. After 2 hours however it came out perfect and even got a yay and a retweet off David Aja himself

Both of us are so happy with the work we’ve had done and are considering more. I say considering Nikki has decided 100% to follow on with more Ghibli artwork on her leg. The pain wasn’t so bad, essentially just bearable.

So now…. what shall I have next? – Ian




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