Judgement on Gotham

As we build up to the launch of the podcast we will look at some of our favourite comics from the past. As the show progresses we will no doubt see our tastes change as we read a much more varied selection but for now this is what one of us has enjoyed from the past.

Judgement on Gotham released December 1991

Written by: Alan Grant & John Wagner. Artist: Simon Bisley. Letterer: Todd Klein


When Judgement of Gotham came out I was into both 200AD and Batman so the combination for me was perfect. I was 13 at the time and essentially it was my boyhood combination of my favourite two characters. I remember the build up to the release as well in 2000AD and upon release I promptly marched myself into Lancaster City centre to find my copy and I was not disappointed.


As Judge Death jumps into Gotham via a dimensional jump device he faces off against Batman who kills his body and Death runs off into Gotham. Batman then transported into the world of Mega Coty One were he faces off against one of my favourite characters Mean Machine. Dredd soon shows up and captures Batman but Anderson frees him taking him back to Gotham to find Death, Dredd follows and the story continues.


Every bit of this story is exciting and pulls all the best bits of Batman and Dredd. The art work is stunning and every scene packs a perfect punch of colour and action with the framing bringing every scene out of the comic. Some really memorable scenes stand out too such as Batman punching Dredd or Deaths nightmare.  Classic – Ian



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